Summer Planning

It’s currently May 22 at 5:36 PM, and it’s 72 degrees out (that’s 20 Celsius for any European folks who may read this thing).  Seeing as how I’m in England, the weather probably isn’t going to get a whole lot better than this all summer long, and so I’m currently making the most of it.  I’ve been wearing flip-flops as often as possible, I’ve busted out the cargo shorts, and we’re having a cookout this week.
While doing all of these summer-ish activities, I’ve also been planning the summer projects for our team here.  Things are shaping up to be busy and chaotic, but by God’s grace things will go smoothly and turn out very very good.

Firstly, it seems like our flat is turning into Grand Central Station these days.  Twelve hours from now I’ll be leaving to take my brother Adam to the airport; he has finished his year-long internship and is headed back to the States for a few weeks, before going on a Eurorail tour with a friend around the continent later this summer.  He’ll then finish up his last year at Moody Bible Institute, and beyond that depends on what God has in store.  I’m sad and excited to see him go; I know his summer is going to be epic, and I know he’s excited to get back and finish school.  But I’m also very aware that he is the only “familiar” thing around here for me, and so I selfishly wish he wasn’t going.  Here he is at the successful surprise going-away party we threw him last night:

He’s changed a lot in the year he’s been here…


Not only is Adam leaving, but we’re adding a number of people to the team in the next several months.  Just last week a new fellow joined us, Mr. Samuel Massey.  Sam will be a great asset to the team; he’s outgoing and friendly, organized, and he majored in English at school, so he ought to be a great help in writing content for the programs we are developing.

We’ve also got three new girls joining the team two weeks from tomorrow, although they’re only going to be here short-term.  Mindy, Allie, and Kayla will get here on June 6th, and from there we’re going to do a good amount of traveling throughout the UK, filming testimonies for the UK program we’re working on.  We’ll be spending time in Northern Ireland and Scotland, as well as traveling around England a bit (we’ve already been to Wales).  The majority of my time these past few weeks has gone into planning this summer tour of ours, and things are shaping up quite nicely, if I may toot my own horn!

Later this summer and into the fall we will also be adding a few new team members (as well as a few volunteers for UCB, our partner ministry here), and so I’ve also been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to fit everyone into our flat here.  We may be playing musical beds for awhile, but it looks like we’ll be able to get everyone in.  Although having more and more people come brings some small headaches with it (like trying to fit people), it’s really amazing to see all sorts of young people who are willing and interested to volunteer a year of their lives to doing ministry throughout the UK and Europe, free of charge.

God is most certainly worthy of it all, and the world and the church could certainly use more young people like the ones I’m blessed to work with.

Grace and peace,


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