A Question on Grace

Although I don’t quite know how to put it into words yet, God has been doing something big in my heart and life over the past month.  I haven’t blogged much because it’s been a month of question asking; there are a lot of things I’ve been trying to figure out, think critically about, and really take an honest assessment of.  Once I get to a point where I feel I can decently convey through words what exactly is going on, I intend to share it in hopes that it may bless someone who reads this.  But as for right now, will you allow me to ask a question?  Hearing your thoughts and answers could help a lot towards me figuring out everything I’ve been trying to sort through.  Here goes:

How do you live a life under grace?


One other small request: I’ve found that so-called “cookie cutter” or “stereotypical Christian” answers aren’t very helpful.  While I welcome and appreciate hearing anyone’s thoughts, just do me a favor and try to make sure they’re just that – your thoughts and experiences, as opposed to something you heard once in church or read in a Facebook status or saw on Instagram.  I’m not one for cliché answers; I love listening to people, but what’s the point of talking if we can’t be open and honest?



  1. aunt kathy

    maybe the way some people can explain it is only in ” churchese”. they may not have your way with words or feel confident in their own words. they may a peace with the way they live under grace but cannot put into what others see as the right words. some may need some gentle guiding to think it through.

  2. pjgracecommunity

    under grace from my experience i’m free from condemation & guilt even when i sin but the reality is GRACE in empowering me not to sin. The big brother of grace is the spirit of revelation to move forward. there is a major sense of authentisity with grace when accomadated with the spirit of revelation.
    Eph 2;2-5

    • llbarker

      That’s good to hear PJ. Grace absolutely brings freedom; I’ve experienced that too, in a massive way. But I don’t think that really answers the question I posted (which might be my fault, apologies if it’s not clearly stated). What I’m really curious about is the HOW – how do you live a life under grace day by day? How do you stay in a place where you’re consistently steeped in grace? How do you bring grace to bear on every other area of your life?

      • pjgracecommunity

        this is a good question because you have to look inside not on the written theology.
        grace is a mindset ~ before it becomes our reality the thoughts of grace needs to be the prerequiste
        before a tangible experience.

        romans 12;1 from the NIV explains this in a simple way,i’m not saying its simple to understand but i feel you, knowing its your journey of discoverey, so words & explainations isn’t what your looking for “it’s the daily reality”

  3. Joel

    Knowing it in God’s character, not as a tool or a piece of machinery or helpful lifestyle plan. My Father loves me, therefore He’ll be gracious to me – sometimes this just sits in my head but sometimes it feels very rooted in me. The risk is in relying that He’ll actually root it in me, otherwise im just talking it up and faffing about with words and vocabulary. He’ll give us assurance when we lean on Him for it.

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